The project was submitted to the Central Finance and Contracts Unit in two phases by the project experts of the EU and Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Governorship of Manisa on behalf of the Investment and Monitoring Coordination Directorate of the Governorship of Manisa and was found successful and awarded a grant.

The aim of the project is to improve the dialogue between Turkish and EU local governments and strengthen the capacities of local governments for climate and environment based actions. Through town twinning projects, sustainable structures will be established to promote mutual exchange between local authorities in Turkey and EU countries in environment and climate related fields.

The partners of the project are; Greece University of Thessaly, Italy Pineto Municipality and Manisa Improvement and Development Association.

Project Starting Date; 01.11.2023

Project duration; 12 months.

Target group(s); staff of partner organisations, stakeholders who signed the contract for the project, primary and secondary school students, NGOs working in the field of Environment and Climate, institutions developing content and methods on Climate and Environment, local people in Manisa, Thessaly and Pineto.

Through the online workshop, various organisations will be able to cooperate with each other outside the project.  The code of the software created by the project will be shared with the partners to be used in their localities after the project. The scenarios created for children will be shared with the Provincial Directorate of National Education to be used as teaching materials. The project operates with the slogan ‘today’s youth are tomorrow’s future’, i.e. it instils in today’s children the awareness of a green future so that they can pick fruit from the adults of the future.


Our project is organised on 14 main activities. 12 of these activities are implementation activities. These activities will produce 12 outputs directly related to the impact, results and priorities of the project.

Organising an International Workshop,
Development of Carbon Emission Monitoring System Software,
Developing and implementing a public-NGO cooperation model,
Development of virtual reality applications according to the feedback received from primary schools,
Creating a web portal to publish all outputs as open source
Visit to Pineto Municipality, evaluation of project applications and protocol signing,
Transfer of good examples with City Twinning method
Development of vulnerability analyses and climate impact reports,
Organising a Climate Festival
Making TV, Radio programmes, creating a YouTube channel
Dissemination and management